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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day one

I reached the spot about 30 minutes before to meet people. I was able to meet Terry Bell of AIAA, Dr. Vinita Bhargava whom I had interviewed for COLORS newsletter two years ago and Bharti Dasgupta of CSA. Our program started off at 9:30 am and pretty much stayed on the clock. I purchased “Adoption in India” book from Dr. Vinita Bhargava. By the way, she is the author of that book.

My laptop wouldn’t work with the hotel’s Internet and I have to depend on their office internet. Guess what? My voice recorder that I brought also stopped working and I am frustrated. Doen't that sound like Murphy's law though??

For lunch we had yummy food all around and about the speakers, we had some good speakers and some not so good speakers. Over all the day went off well and I must say that there are somethings that I had learnt today. During the lunchtime I caught the CARA chairman alone and I shot him few quick questions as he was running around with organizing things for the conference. I enjoyed listening to Asst. Secretary of State Ms. Maura Harty on "Hauge Convention in the US" and Dr. Aloma Lobo on "Preparing children with special needs". She brought many to tears.

There was a presentation by this Dutch professor who made a short film on an Indian adoptee Rene. She had issues growing up but at the end it was all-good and she grew up to be a lovely individual who says “life is what you make of”.

Well, my presentation is tomorrow and I am already sweating in my pants. I practiced my presentation for a while last night and I am going to my room to do it again to be ready for tomorrow. Say a prayer for me, would you?

Ruby Nakka

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for your quick response to the conference. It's nice to read at the other end of the world.
I am sure you will be great tomorrow. You've got a story to tell.

Ingrid (the Netherlands)