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Friday, September 07, 2007

Working with your employer on adoption

As you may have noticed that Indi(AA)doption strongly believes in advocacy in the field of adoption. Apart from all the places, we encourage people to advocate at their own work places. Although it makes so much business sense for the employer to consider giving these benefits, they don't because they are not aware of the benefits.

We want to empower you with the needed tools to help you to help your employer to understand the benefits so that you can advocate for adoption at your own work place that many more may benefit.

First you need to acquaint yourself with the authorities in the human resource development department of your organization. Understand them and allow them to know you and about you before you put forth your proposal.

Once you (and the HR authorities) start feeling comfortable, tell them that you would like to work with them to promote "Employer adoption benefits" package for the entire organization's work force.

Give them a package containing your letter, brochure and the tax guide. See below for details:

  1. Your letter should be concise yet explain everything that an employer should know. We suggest that you download this sample letter from Adoptive Families [click here to open] and customize to your preferences. Make sure to add your contact information (address, telephone number and email etc) on your letter.
  2. Dave Thomas adoption foundation gives out a free brochure called "Adoption-Friendly work place tool kit" that you can give to your employer. You can order these free brochures at this link [click here to open the site]. Be sure to order employee and employer versions so that you're informed.
  3. Order a free Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publication 15 B [or click here to open the site) called "Employer's tax guide to fringe benefits".

Make sure to start working on this right away because November is observed as the "Adoption Awareness Month" and you can make use of it to launch the benefits if your employer does believe in your message to extend such a benefit.

Don't forget to follow up with HR and remember, "perseverance pays". Good luck in your efforts and please do let us know how your efforts are going and if there's anything we can do to work with you.

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