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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

India unleashed

Last night I was watching a program titled "India unleashed" on Discovery Channel where they were showing different areas of progress that India has made. It ranged from bio-fuel to building up of modern airports and empowering rural folks with information technology. It was exciting to see so many areas that are on the go but at the end, I began to ask myself this question India unleashed or is it?

My pessimism derives from knowing few facts of some of the most disadvantaged group of citizens of India - Children. More than 60% of our children are subjected to some kind of abuse (including sexual abuse), 47% of children are malnourished, millions of children are in child labor and living in deplorable conditions.

What does it take for a country that prides itself of being on the run to make a quick mark to be recognized as a "happening country" to concentrate on the most essential resource of our country - human resource? It is easy to ignore children and their issues because they have no voice nor vote but forget not the fact that the entire generation of children that you've ignored today could become a liability for the entire nation tomorrow. Everything that India prides itself today could come crumbling down tomorrow because we ignored building stronger foundation for our nation.

We need not only innovative thinkers on children's issues, but ordinary supporters to voice their opinion on the same issues. Take for example, adoption community that is touched by adoption, could speak up on adoption related issues but most of the time they choose to be mute spectators. Before their adoption, they are concerned about "not rocking the boat" and after the adoption they mostly say "it is an issue of not my concern". I find this apathy unfortunate.

So what needs to be done? We need more people like you and I to take up the cause of children in the best interest of our country. Begin to make a difference in your own neighbourhood and then begin to spread your wings to reach out to the other areas. Teach children (and their parents) about their rights, importance of education, hygiene and nurture a child that might need your love. Also if you can, become an advocate on children's issues. This can simply begin by writing letters to the editor on children's issues.

Your journey is not going to be easy but let me tell you my friend, there's no more joy than fighting for something and getting it done on behalf of someone who couldn't fight for themselves. As much as you do, I want India to be prosperous and rich but this I mean to include everyone, including children.

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