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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Going the distance

I want to share an incident that occurred in our second child's adoption to show that we meant business.

Our second child (Lily) is born with bilateral club-feet and she needed surgery once she arrives in the US. At the time of our referral she was not walking but we knew that quicker we get her, quicker we can have the surgery before even she starts to walk. Delaying it could mean that she might start walking and develop deformities in her feet which becomes harder to correct.

Everything was finished except the approval from the US INS. I always thought that normally on the US side of the work will be completed on time and wait on the India side to be completed. But in our case it just happened the other way around. Our adoption agency advised us to try politicians to get the files moving. We ran from pillar to post but no avail. We tried our congressman and senator but it was a disappointment.

One night I was so frustrated but determined. I logged on to the white house web site and wrote my entire story to the President and the Vice President. There came an automatic reply saying that it has been received. Well....since it is one of those routine messages I ignored and deleted it immediately. I am wrong. One week later I got a letter from the Vice President Dick Cheney's office to say that they are looking in to the matter. Three days following the letter I got a call from the INS office saying that they are working on my file and know this my daughter's papers were ready in less than 10 days and I was on my way to India to pick her up. With in three months of her arrival she underwent surgery to her feet and now it is hard to keep her in one place for a millisecond

After I came back to the US with my daughter, we wrote a thank you note to the Vice President and asked him to give us an appointment to thank him personally but the request was politely declined. We saved up the letter to give it to my daughter when she is old enough to understand it.

When I just began walking before my surgery.

What do you think of my smile? Like it??

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