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Friday, July 20, 2007

When children question, it is.....

Cute and Funny # 7

Every day I take my older girl (6 years) on a bicycle to school. That's the best time because we get to catch up on lot of things. She takes time to tell me how much she loves me and I get to ask her lot of questions to make her inquisitive about everything.

One day after I picked her up from school and on our way home, she told me that she had a spelling test and she got a zero. Knowing my girls abilities, I was puzzled to hear that she got a zero so when I enquired she said that she was talking too much in the class, teacher got angry and gave her a zero.

I began giving her a fatherly advice about her behaviour in the classroom. She understood my concern and promised me that she will not do that again. We were quiet for sometime on our bicile ride and I felt a getle tap on my back and then my baby girl asked me something that I was not prepared for. She asked me this: "Daddy, have you ever got zeros in school when you were a little boy"? I didn't know if I should tell the truth and stand exposed or lie about it and escape. my daughter knew it better, I answered her with truth and then I was exposed. She got a kick out of that but she still said that she will stick to her promise.

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