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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Adoption Q and A # 23 (Adopting twins)

My wife and I live in India and we would like to adopt twins. Is that possible?

I do not doubt your desire and sincerity to be parents. In a real world, the proportion of multiple births to single birth is much smaller and to place such multiple births for adoption are still smaller. So the chances of finding twins to adopt is remote. When you place such preferences on your initial application, be prepared to wait for a long time.

In India we have three different laws under which you can adopt. [Click here to refer to Q and A # 4 on HAMA, GAWA and JJ Act) HAMA allows you to adopt only one child of one gender and GAWA allows you to take in any number of children under guardianship. Whereas JJ Act allows you to adopt any number of children.

If your adoption agency does find you twins, it is advisable to adopt them under JJ Act. Otherwise under HAMA you'll be able to adopt only one and under guardianship the other or you'll have to separate the twins by only adopting one.

If you simply want to two children, adopt two different children at two different times which will be relatively quicker.

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