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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why getting OCI is important for your adoptive child

If you haven't figured what OCI is, it stands for "Overseas Citizen of India". It is not a dual citizenship status but almost. It basically recognizes your roots to India to extend the benefits that come with it.

If you have adopted a child of Indian origin (especially cross cultural family) I want to tell why getting an OCI is good for your child. As I said in my previous post there are some benefits that may not be very useful to your child specifically but there are some that will be very useful.

Few years back, I watched on "60 minutes" program of CBS with Leslie Stahl where she featured premiere engineering institutions of India called "Indian Institute of Technology" or IIT. These are so reputable that they stand in the top 100 engineering institutes in the entire world. There was a profound statement in that program which made me believe that the IIT's have stuff. The statement was this: Ivy league schools of the United States scout for the rejects of IIT's (meaning who didn't make it to IIT in India) every year.

IIT is no small matter. Competition is absolutely fierce. It is one thing to get into it and the other to get out of it. So when a student graduates from IIT, you know he is prepared to be successful.

There are so many schools in India of such caliber (Indian Institute of Management, Indian School of Business) and your child with OCI can seek admission to any of these schools on par with Indian citizens and not as a foreigner.

Also it costs only 275 dollars or something for the lifetime. You ain't going to lose anything even if your child doesn't want to pursue education in India.

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