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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy birthday

Today is my older child's (Lydia) birthday. There has been a perceptable excitement building up to this day. She was so cute she has been marking on the calender for the past two weeks and reminding all of us at home about how many days are left to her birthday. is the day. She woke me at 4:56 AM to go to the bathroom and then as it is my bicycling time also I was getting ready. I guess she suddenly remembered today is her birthday and she runs out to me to tell me that today is her birthday. I just held her in my arms and gave her a big kiss and wished her a wonderful birthday.

My baby girl has changed somuch in these six years. It is still fresh in my memory how she was when she came with an escort to LA airport. We were running frantically to locate the escort and suddenly the escort called us from the back. When we looked back, there was a child with dark skin, curly hair and beautiful eyes sitting in a carrier. My wife immediately swung into action like any mother would do taking care of things and talking to the escort etc. Well....about me, I held her and I couldn't hold my emotions anymore and I didn't care where I was, began enjoying the moment with tears of joy........I mean a lots of em.

These six years has been nothing but an absolute joy seeing her grow. She has become such a matured child sometimes we feel that she is well ahead of her age in maturity. She loves painting, dancing, singing and loves bed time story book reading. After three years we adopted a sister for her and they are very close.

I want to enjoy this day and we have planned lot of things. Lydia and her maternal grandmother joined hands and baked a cake. She has to open her gifts, and wear new clothese etc.

Every birthday, my thoughts are always with the birth mother. Is she ok? What is she like today? Is she thinking about her daughter or did she completely forget her? It is my hope and prayer that she is safe and living a life of her choice.

I want to enjoy this day. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET LITTLE BABY".

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