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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Difficult mothers day

Have you ever wondered if every mother celebrates the mother's day like every one expects them to? There are mothers who will have to endure the pain on this day for the rest of their lives for the choices they have made. Following are the words of a mother written in the form of a poem.


I was like any other girl of eighteen
With an innocent heart to be taken
Met a man whom I trusted and also lusted
Was never to be found when I was busted

Looked around to find people being frigid
And their customs being too rigid
Gave them a glance to ask for one more chance
But it sounded to me like that was my last dance

It was the most dreaded day of my life
Felt like slicing my heart with a knife
In bosom I held my lovely bloom
With an unimaginable amount of gloom

Looked deep into her eyes to see her father
Him I trusted but I’d met someone rather
Feel that I may never again be her mother
But she will always be my daughter

Put my finger in her hand only to feel the grip
To imply that she is not ready for this long trip
Caressed her cheeks to see her smile
My heart wept that she may travel mile after mile

For one last time I wanted to feed
Felt the warmth on my breast as I heed
Seen her drop into a snooze
Began to feel that I am about to lose

Checked her whole body for one more time
Each time it never felt the same
Checked her whole body for the birth mark
Found a big spot on her back that is dark as a bark

I wrapped her in sheets to keep her warm
But I couldn’t keep myself calm
My eyes are left with no more tears
But my mind is filled with all kinds of fears

As I passed my baby to a lady, I leaned to give her a kiss
To let her know how much I will miss
Said with a choke “Be of a good cheer my sweet baby....
Farewell and Bon voyage on your journey”

Wanted to sing you a lullaby
But this society forced me to say a goodbye.

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