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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Adoption Tax Credit" Petition (Q & A # 2)

What is the supply and demand to justify “Adoption Tax Credit” policy in India?

Domestic adoptions for the year 2006 are estimated by CARA (excluding state recognized adoption agencies) to be 2479 - reversing the trend of dropping numbers which has prevailed since 2002. Different sources state the number of available children for adoption in India to be between 27 000 to 18 million. This is the supply side of the equation.

The 2001 India census states that there are 230 million married couples. Even if one half of one percent is eligible to adopt, that number is 1.1 million couples. This is the demand side of the equation.

In 2006, “The Lancet” a reputed medical journal said that probably the births of up to 10 million girls in India may have been prevented by selective abortion in the past 20 years. If Adoption Tax Credit brings the much needed awareness about the concept of aodption, some day one need not fear about giving birth to a child or to give into adoption than to kill them simply because of their gender.

Convinced to support the "Adoption Tax Credit petition"? You can sign it here:

Ruby Nakka
The HOPE House

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